Saturday, December 21, 2013

10 Reasons

Blogging for me, lately, has taken a backseat to many other things...working, wrapping presents, baking, helping kids with homework, etc. These are all good things, well...with the exception of working too much, but it has been hard not to have time to be here. To write and express the many things I am contemplating during this season. 

Fortunately, I have a post scheduled to publish on Unveiled Wife today. It is a post I am super-excited about because in it I got to brag about my husband. You see, M had a birthday earlier this month, and in honor of that, I wrote a mushy and gushy post about him and some of the many reasons that I love him.

It has been a good reminder to me to have this list, especially during this season of hustle and bustle, when those we cherish the most often get lost beneath the to do's of getting ready for Christmas.

I hope you will read. Not so you can learn how wonderful my husband is, but so that it can inspire you to write a list of your own, about someone you love!

10 Things I Love About My Husband


Shannon Quigley said...

The characteristics you listed are so important. You are blessed!

Susannah said...

I hope you have an amazing Christmas, dear girl. You truly are blessed with your love!